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Regina Giovanna baths

A cliff located at the “Capo di Sorrento”(Cape of Sorrento), one of the most important archaeological sites of the peninsula. A lovely place, where nature, sea and past come together. The name, according to legend, is due to the Queen Giovanna D’Angiò, the sovereign of Naples.

The “Bagni della Regina Giovanna”(Baths of Queen Giovanna) can be reached by walking along a small street that starts from the cape of Sorrento. A pleasant walk, during which the scents of the sea and vegetation alternate. After about twenty minutes of pleasant walking you find yourself in front of a limestone cliff overlooking the sea, surrounded by the remains of the ancient villa. Thanks to a staircase you can reach a small lagoon, connected to the sea by a beautiful natural arch. At this point, the seabed is shallow, and it is impossible to resist a real dive into history, in crystal clear waters, made even more romantic by the light that filters through the inlet.

Path of Gods

It is one of the most beautiful hiking trails path in Italy that passes through panoramic terraces and overhanging streets on the Amalfi Coast.

“That road suspended on the magical Gulf of the Sirens still crossed today by memories and myth”. This is how Italo Calvino described this route along the Lattari Mountains, which will make you fall in love with landscapes and the towns of the Coast. 

It is called the Path of the Gods because according to legend the Greek gods passed here to save Ulysses from the sirens living on the island of Li Galli.

The trail connects Agerola to Nocelle, a hamlet of Positano on Mount Pertuso. It is 7.8 km long and the walk lasts about 4 hours. For centuries, it was the only road that connected the villages of the Amalfi Coast, in the province of Salerno.

Crapolla Fjord

The Crapolla Fjord is one of the most evocative and magical natural coves of the Amalfi Coast.

Here you can organize a spectacular walk that alternates a path in the green with a tiring, but unique, staircase that leads from the village of Torca to the beach of Reccomone.

A perfect trip, therefore, not only for lovers of trekking, but for all those who want to visit a beach and a pristine sea overlooking Punta Campanella.

Bay of Ieranto

The Bay of Ieranto, in the heart of the Sorrento Coast, is an uncontaminated and beautiful place, an exclusive destination very special, not easily accessible and therefore far from the most common tourist destinations.

The Bay is part of the natural area of Nerano, and since the late 80s is managed by FAI – Italian Environment Fund.

Its name comes from the greek  ieros, which means sacred, it is no coincidence, therefore, that a short distance from the bay rises the temple dedicated to the goddess Athena di Punta Campanella.